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Dr. Tracy Bennett Darby Fox Janell Burley Hoffman
Dr. Tracy Bennett Darby Fox Janell Burley Hofmann
Licensed Clinical Psychologist and
Founder, CEO GetKidsInternetSafe
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Child & Adolescent
Family Therapist
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Digital Health &
Communications Consultant
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Robert Reichmann Carol Todd Brian Trainor
Robert Reichmann Carol Todd Sgt. Brian Trainor (ret.)
Founder & CEO, VISR
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Founder of
Amanda Todd Legacy Society
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Saskatoon City Police and
Community Safety Educator
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Tracy S. Bennett, Ph.D.

Mom, Clinical Psychologist, CSUCI Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Bennett is a grateful mother of three, clinical psychologist, author, and adjunct faculty at California State University Channel Islands (addiction studies, parenting, and clinical psychology). After losing her parents several years ago she became overwhelmed with personal responsibilities and feared the screen media freedoms she was giving her kids. While they were playing on their computers too many hours, her practice was blowing up with very serious issues, the likes of which she hadn’t ever before seen in practice. So she created GetKidsInternetSafe.

She appears on television, radio, and podcast interviews with the GetKidsInternetSafe positive parenting message. She is a popular keynote speaker at conferences, corporate functions, schools, and community events to help parents raise kids more safely in the digital age. As a licensed clinical psychologist for over twenty years working with kids, teens, and families, she is expert at building a cooperative rapport with her understanding of the complex landscape of parenting and screen media. Her warm and funny speaking style offers valuable insights and strategies that parents can use immediately to develop a stronger parent-child alliance and avoid costly parenting mistakes.Her GetKidsInternetSafe blog page provides loads of free tips and offers convenient online video parenting courses (The GKIS QuickStart Kit, and GKIS 30 Days to Internet Safety).


Dr. Darby Fox

Child and Adolescent Family Therapist

Darby Fox, Child & Adolescent Family Therapist, has over 20 years of experience providing individual and group therapy in both non-profit and private settings. Darby takes a unique approach to counseling and looks beyond the presenting problem to make a real connection with the children and families. Through a variety of techniques, Darby helps children and families express what is troubling them when they haven’t mastered the language or awareness to express their thoughts and feelings verbally. She incorporates the family as a whole into the therapy to establish a framework to teach on-going problem solving skills and provides a corrective emotional experience that is necessary for healing.

Darby Fox earned her Master’s degree from Columbia University where she graduated summa cum laude after receiving a BA from Middlebury College. Since Columbia she’s pursued extensive post master’s specialized training from Columbia University, Yale Child Study Center, NYU Silver School of Social Work, Mel Levine’s All Kind’s Of Minds Institute, Harvard Medical School and The Ackerman Institute for the Family. She currently divides her time between pro-bono work for Horizon’s, a non-profit agency working with at-risk kids, and private practice.

Frequently sought after by media to provide expert advice, opinion, and parenting tips, Darby Fox has been featured in outlets such as Fox & Friends, Fox News, NY 1, PIX 11 Morning News, Univision, Yahoo, Newsday, and Morning Call to name a few.


Janell Burley Hofmann

Author of iRules, Speaker, Digital Health & Communications Consultant

Janell Burley Hofmann is the author of iRules, international speaker & consultant on digital health and balance. She is the founder of iRules Academy & The Slow Tech Movement. Janell’s professional expertise and personal experience as a mother of five children builds strong connections with a wide and varied population. Janell engages readers, clients and audiences in relevant and meaningful conversations igniting personal empowerment, awareness and purpose in a partnership that will positively impact all.


Robert Reichmann

CEO & Founder, VISR

Robert S. Reichmann is the founder and CEO of VISR (, a fast-growing big data company building predictive wellness technology. VISR utilizes the latest advances in machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), social linguistic behavior, and mood and image analysis to detect emerging safety and wellness issues facing children today as they navigate the world of social media.

Prior to launching VISR, he cofounded two non-profits including KamaTech, established to facilitate the successful integration of ultra-Orthodox Jew into the Israeli high tech workforce. Robert also previously worked at Catch Media and holds an MBA from Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Robert lives in Toronto with his wife and four daughters, and often finds himself surrounded by the color pink.



Carol Todd

Founder of Amanda Todd Legacy Society

Carol Todd is the mother of two and an advocate to many. Her daughter Amanda started a conversation with her YouTube video chronicling her story of sextortion, cyberbullying and mental health related topics, and brought to the world’s attention the serious consequences that can result from such serious issues. Through the pain of losing her daughter, Carol courageously took a stand and shared Amanda’s story with her community and the world. Through her work with the Amanda’s Legacy, Carol has had the opportunity to have important discussions around the globe and has formed strong alliances with world leaders and organizations such as Kids Help Phone and Telus Wise.


Sgt. Brian Trainor

Community Safety Educator and Retired Police Detective

Sgt. Trainor is a retired, 27 year police detective formerly with the Saskatoon Police Service, and is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. He is considered an expert in preventing the financial abuse of seniors, and in providing guidance for students, parents, and teachers on issues surrounding cyber-bullying/bullying.

Brian is a regular guest on national radio and television, and presents at national conferences on these and other topics such as teen suicide/depression/anxiety/prescription drug abuse prevention.

A prolific and talented writer, his latest books are STOP FRAUD, and BULLY 4U. His presentations are simply phenomenal. He has given thousands of national lectures/workshops at elementary and high schools over the past few years on topics ranging from Power of Attorney abuse, teen suicide prevention, cyberbullying, Facebook safety for parents, and digital citizenship.

In 2000 he wrote and drew a comic book on bullying along with an accompanying Teacher/Parent Guide. Through corporate donations, he had 21,000 copies printed then donated to Grade 5 students across Saskatchewan. The requests for him to speak on bullying began to pour in. From there the demand to hear him speak on cyberbullying has been nonstop.